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Heart desire number

Heart’s desire number is also known as Soul urge number that is drawn out from the vowels present in the complete name of an individual. 

As the name suggests, this vibration denotes the keen desires and passion of a person and relates to what is very close to your heart. This number can also help a great deal in select your soul mate as he or she is also very close to the heart. This number is just like a parent who understands all the deep desires and dreams of his child. Vowels used as A, E, I, O and U and sometimes Y is also used as a vowel though it is a consonant. It is used only if the full name of any individual does not contain any vowel. Your heart’s desire number explains many of your actions and deeds and thus is very important to know and study.

In order to calculate your heart desire number, first of all take all the vowels out of your names individually and assign them their numeric values as- 1 for a, 5 for e, 9 for I, 6 for 0 and 3 for u. if Y is used place the numeric value as 7. Now add these numbers of the vowels in you first, middle and last name individually and then add the digits into single digit numbers for each name. Finally add all the single digit numbers to get the heart’s desire number. If your final number is two digits add it to make a single digit number, master numbers are exceptions. Look for a numerology chart on the internet and then see the meaning of your heart’s desire number.

In this way you can know what your heart wants and can understand yourself in a better way.

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